Added decisive design competitions:


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Yachts and Sailors CompetitionCulinary Arts CompetitionPromotion Items CompetitionClothing Competition
Strategy CompetitionPhoto Manipulation CompetitionYoung CompetitionHouseware Competition
European CompetitionHomeware CompetitionCouncil of Creativity CompetitionWebsite Competition
The One and Only CompetitionResearch CompetitionLiterature CompetitionBest Aircraft Competition
Creation CompetitionSocial and Behavioral Sciences CompetitionWonderful CompetitionGood Competition
Greatest Artists CompetitionGreatest Products CompetitionGreatest Design Pieces CompetitionExquisite Designs Competition
The Best of All CompetitionChallenge CompetitionProfessional Designer CompetitionChoice of Security Competition
Corporate Plans CompetitionEnergy Products CompetitionArt Goods CompetitionHR Programs Competition
Architectural Projects CompetitionDesign Weeks CompetitionSummits CompetitionBook Competition
Futuristic CompetitionDesign Entries CompetitionSocial Projects CompetitionExhibit Competition
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